Malatyaspor Tutor İrfan Buz: The Only who ratings a win is the temper

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Öznur Kablo Yeni Malatyaspor’s teach İrfan Buz was disappointed after the 1-0 defeat to Sivasspor. Mentioning that they stuck the moments when they could win the fit, Buz mentioned, “we needed to win, but we were defeated 1-ZERO, of course we’re sad. Yeni Malatyaspor was once the side that played better particularly in the first part. Then Again, we also had positions. basically, after we take a look at the fit, there was a win-win surroundings,” he stated. .

‘We should react’

İrfan Buz ended his phrases with the following words: “either side fought. We even have a ball returning from the pole. There If we had discovered the purpose, i think we might have received the match sooner than. but the things in soccer. Our opponent was in a place that we had no problems with sharing a person on a suite ball until that point, sadly, THREE players were empty there, they scored the purpose and they won the match. Now the important thing for us is show an immediate response. Prepare neatly for the match we can play in Antalya on Saturday and reply there.”

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