Luiz Gustavo: I Can tackle most of the accountability

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in the second week of UEFA Europa League Workforce D, Fenerbahçe lost THREE-0 to Olympiakos, the Greek consultant they hosted. Fenerbahçe’s Brazilian midfielder Luiz Gustavo made a press release after NINETY minutes. >’Today I Couldn’t lend a hand my crew as i wished’

‘As one of the captains of the team, i will take on most of the responsibility as a result of today I Could Not help my workforce the best way i wanted. As a team, we were not at the stage of this difficult match. We made errors. They played higher than us and left here with a positive result.”

‘That Is why we scored objectives’

‘There had been some chances that we couldn’t take nowadays. however total, we were not on top of things of the sport. That’s why we conceded the goals. probably the most necessary factor is to learn from these errors and prepare for the fit we will play on Sunday within the highest means and to proceed within the league by way of successful as we want.”

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