Large praise to Emre Demir, his new transfer from Barcelona

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Barcelona announced the switch of 17-year-vintage Emre Demir, announcing, “A Turkish skill with a shiny long run,” adding, “an excessively gifted left-footed, offensive midfielder. Recently, he plays closer to the striker, even if he plays in the middle of the midfield against the assault. He can support himself.” Emphasizing that Emre, besides his playmaker feature, additionally is helping the safeguard when essential, and makes use of his method smartly within the remaining meters of the offensive positions, the Catalan membership, within the first degree, wanted to add the Turkish football participant to the team subsequent season in Barcelona. He announced that he’ll play within the B (preventing within the third league) staff.

On the other hand, the Spanish sports activities press also extensively pronounced on their website online that Barcelona signed Emre Demir, which they agreed to till June 2027.

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