Kuşadasıspor turned its eyes to the league utterly

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Kusadasispor, who stated goodbye to Ziraat Turkey Cup within the 2d spherical after losing 1-0 away to Ağrı 1970 Spor, turned its consideration to the league totally.

The black and white crew, so one can host Malatya Yeşilyurt Belediyespor on Sunday within the TFF third Department 2nd Staff, where it’s the undefeated leader, said, “We could not make the most of the clear opportunities we got in the face of pain. “He managed to overcome us with the goal he found within the mins. i’m normally satisfied with the efficiency of my players. The league is extra important to us. we’re now within the best position with 10 points. we want to overcome Yeşilyurt Belediyespor and maintain our place at the top,” he said. (DHA)

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