Kizilcabölükspor-Altindagspor fit result: 2-2

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Kızılcabölükspor, which has no longer but met with a victory within the TFF third League 2nd Group, drew 2-2 with Altındağspor, which it hosted, two times. Ege crew scored with Kıvanç within the twenty ninth minute and completed the first part ahead 1-ZERO. Altındağspor equalized the join up Alperen’s foot within the 47th minute. Kızılcabölükspor once again scored the advantage with Mehmet Akif within the 78th minute, while the vacationing team got a purple card in the 84th minute as Kaan won a red card and 10 other people remained. Emre Can, who took the degree in the ninetieth minute, had the ultimate phrase within the fit: 2-2. With this consequence, Kızılcabölük got 2 points from FIVE matches.

STAT: District Field

REFEREES: Emre Bulut (xx), Gökmen Çambel (xx), Kaan Kaya (xx)

KIZILCABOLUKSPOR: Muzaffer (x) – Mustafa Acar (x), Ali (xx), Mustafa Altun (x) (Min 70 Furkan Cetin x), Adem (x), Furkan Cetinkaya (x) (Min 69 Mehmet) Kaan x), Anıl (x) (Min SIXTY NINE Alpay x), Mehmet Akif (xxx) (Min 88 Tekin), Ozgur (xx), Vedat (xx), Kıvanc (xxx) (Min SEVENTY SEVEN Yigit x)< /p>

ALTINDAĞSPOR: Gökhan (x) – Kaan (x), Hüseyin (xx) (Min 46 Ali Eren x), Gürkan (xx), Bayram (x) (Min 46 Hakan x), Efe Can (x) (Min. 81 Emre Can), Fatih (x) (Min. 46 Yaşar x), Erkut (x) (Min. 80 Gürol), Alperen (xxx), Muzaffer (xx), Aybars (xxx)

TARGETS: Min. 29 Kivanc, Min. SEVENTY EIGHT Mehmet Akif (Kızılcabölükspor), Min. FORTY SEVEN Alperen, Min. 90 Emre Can (Altındağspor)

YELLOW PLAYING CARDS: Özgür, Anıl, Adem (Kızılcabölükspor), Kaan, Erkut, Yaşar (Altındağspor)



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