Karsiyaka-Ofspor fit outcome: 0-0

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Karsiyaka drew 0-0 with Ofspor at home in the 4th week of TFF 3rd League third Workforce. Karsiyaka, who got their 3rd attract a row, couldn’t get rid of the relegation line by reaching 3 issues, however the Black Sea consultant increased its ranking to 7. The spherical leather-based got here out from the side.

Ilyas reduce from the right within the attack of Karşıyaka within the twenty fourth minute. Mustafa Aşan hit the ball badly, which Özgür permit in. Ozgur’s head kick goalkeeper Burak didn’t permit the goal.

The first half ended ZERO-0.

in the 61st minute Ofspor’s loose kick, Onur shot well. Goalkeeper Yusuf reached out and pulled the ball into the corner.

in the corner utilized by Ertuğrul from the right within the 69th minute, Burak hit his head, the ball went from the top to the back.

within the eighty fifth minute, Mustafa Aşan used to be hit from the fitting within the middle of Samican, who softened the ball with his chest, goalkeeper Burak took out the leather ball that went to the corner. The match ended 0-ZERO.

STAT: İzmir Atatürk

REFERENCES : Burak Kaplan (xx), Ozan Bekar (xx), Erol Ernek (xx)

KARŞIYAKA: Yusuf (xxx) – İlyas (x), Metin (xx), Burak (xx), Ertuğrul (xx) ), Mustafa Aşan (xx), Samican (xx), Özgür (x) (Min 64 Namık Barış x), Furkan (x) (Min EIGHTY FOUR Mert), Abdülkadir (x), Okan (x) (Min SEVENTY ONE) Day Trip x)

OFSPOR: Mizhat Burak (xxx) – Buğrahan (xx), Onur (xx), Gökdeniz (x) (Min. 46 İbrahim x), Miraç (x), Muhammet Emre (x) , Adnan (x), Volkan (x), Temel (x), Serkan (xx) (Min. 90+3 Bora), Oktay (xx) (Min. SEVENTY EIGHT Fatih Mert x)

YELLOW CARDS : Mustafa Aşan, İlyas, Burak (Karşıyaka)


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