Jorge Sampaoli: We’d Like to play very fast towards Galatasaray

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Jorge Sampaoli, the coach of the French consultant Olympique Marseille, who will host Galatasaray in the second week of UEFA Europa League Team E, said that their opponents are a high-quality staff and they wish to play very speedy to win.

The match will be played. Speaking on the press conference held at Orange Veledrom Stadium, Sampaoli mentioned that they may no longer to find the time to analyze the fit during which they lost 3-2 in opposition to Lens in the French First Soccer League because of the intense pace. Declaring that they’d problems again and again, he said: “As a long way as i can see, Galatasaray performs neatly with out the ball and is a crew that develops the sport by putting pressure. They play football in some way that we are not used to. in this regard, we did a lot of labor with the players on the beginning of the week. “Galatasaray is a superb and good group. If we would like to win the game, we need to play very speedy against Galatasaray.” “Fatigue should not be an excuse. the toughest thing for us is losing. after we lose this match, there are query marks in the minds of the gamers. My responsibility is to take away the query marks from the minds and prepare the staff for the impending suits.”

Sampaoli stated that tomorrow’s Galatasaray match could be very essential for them, and said, “Our next matches in this tournament might be with Lazio. to impress Lazio, we have to depart tomorrow’s recreation with THREE issues. in this appreciate, it’s an important match for us.”

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