Iskenderunspor’s Riekerink landed at the pitch

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Jan Olde Riekerink, who went right down to the sector during the coaching held these days in the facilities of the Orange Blues, took care of the athletes one through one and had them do technical-tactical studies. Under the management of Jan Olde Riekerink, a double objective fit was once held with assistant train Nihat Tümkaya. Declaring that their function is to promote to the second Division, Jan Olde Riekerink said, “I Used To Be working as the CEO of the club. We have been excellent with Ümit Karan. Unfortunately, the results were not like that. The membership made up our minds to modify the train. It made so much of experience for me to take over. Every instruct has his personal operating methodology. That’s why i am going to do different things here. Now And Again whilst working this manner, the workforce can be triumphant or fail. Once In A While it’s not about the high quality of the show. So I Will try to assist the group in my own way. i’m hoping we can hook up with the team and we will be able to get the effects” said

Jan Olde Riekerink introduced that he is more than happy to be in Turkey and that he nonetheless gets respect and love from people.


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