Investigation launched into racist insults against Koulibaly

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After the match where Napoli beat Fiorentina 2-1 away, Koulibaly announced the racism he used to be uncovered to in the course of the match with a post on his Twitter account. They stated ‘possible monkeys’. These don’t have anything to do with sports. Those folks have to be identified and banned from the stadiums for all times.”

In a written observation made via FIGC in regards to the racism incident in Serie A, “Federation Prosecutor about the racist statements of Fiorentina lovers in opposition to Napoli participant Kalidou Koulibaly, after receiving the match stories and listening to the participant, made an research. “within the coming hours, more information in regards to the incident can be acquired from the Florence Police Department and an investigation will likely be performed.”

Naples club additionally wrote on its Twitter account with the hashtag “No to racism”, “there is no room for discrimination in any means.”

the home crew also stated that it condemned the incident in the strongest manner in a statement in regards to the racism incident concerning its lovers. Fiorentina stated that the government will ban those people from getting into the stadium once more after they identify the ones responsible for the incident.

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