Interesting reason for divorce from Özer Hurmac’s spouse! Astrology

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the wedding of football participant Özer Hurmacı, who could not find a club after the green-white staff didn’t lengthen the agreement after playing in Bursaspor, is coming to an end. Özer Hurmacı married Mihriban Hurmacı in 2015 whilst he performed for Trabzonspor. The couple’s wedding ceremony witness was then membership president İbrahim Hacıosmanoğlu, vice president Ali Uzunay and board member Mehmet Terzi and coach Ersun Yanal.


Özer Hurmacı applied to the Istanbul Circle Of Relatives Court Docket on September 1, and filed a ‘contested divorce’ case against his spouse of 6 years and the mother of 3 youngsters, Mihriban Hurmacı, because the basis of their marriage used to be shaken. consistent with the allegation in the petition submitted to the courtroom, Mihriban Hurmacı, who is repeatedly enthusiastic about astrology, was striking pressure on her husband Özer Hurmacı through looking at her astrological charts, saying, “you’re cheating on me.” there was a miscommunication among Mihriban Hurmacı and her husband since the starting of the wedding. When Özer Hurmacı used to be transferred to Erzurumspor in 2018, Mihriban Hurmacı didn’t go to Erzurum and sent her husband alone.


The miscommunication among the couple and their separate lives. higher over the period. Mihriban Hurmacı, who did not take care of her husband, omitted her youngsters. this case made marriage unbearable for Özer Hurmacı. Özer Hurmacı stated in her petition that the erroneous birthday celebration of their marriage was Mihriban Hurmacı, and demanded that their divorce be made up our minds and custody in their THREE children given to her.


Özlem Alp ( Legal Professional): in keeping with the precedents of the Civil Code and the Supreme Court Docket, over the top jealousy is considered one of the reasons for divorce. according to the Ideal Court of Cassation, the observe of mental violence by one of the spouses, via repeatedly accepting occasions that don’t exist in fact, in line with astrological predictions or horoscopes, and being extremely jealous of the other over assumptions, is considered a serious fault.


Aygül Aydın (Astrologist): Astrology is the art of the usage of our personal will with our abilities. it is never, ever positive, clear. Yes, there are positive angles in the sky. But we also have genes. Venus Neptune opposition provides a deception or delusion. At that time, perhaps the grocery store could deceive you, the landlord could misinform you, or your spouse was playing secretly from you. It has been the woman’s option to think that her husband is cheating on her.

IT CAN’T BE PRONOUNCING ‘Your husband is dishonest on you’

Dinçer Güner (President of the Astrological Association, Astrologer): Astrology does not speak about a single risk. One indicator presentations multiple probabilities. In line with skilled ethics, astrologers will not say the sort of thing. The astrologer has talked about many possibilities, however the consumer can have simply preferred to listen to it. This does not indicate a wholesome emotional state. The astrologer would possibly say that you just are receiving a strong affect out of your marital field. Your husband can not say he is dishonest on you.

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