in the Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor, the relationship among the control and the technical committee

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The vice-president and press spokesperson of the Metropolitan Municipality Erzurumspor, one of the TFF 1st League teams, Ahmet Dal, seemed before the members of the media at the side of the teach Erkan Sözeri, who made a statement to a local web site that he might surrender if the staff’s bonuses weren’t paid through Wednesday, September 29. Ahmet Dal and Erkan Sözeri responded the questions of the media members on the press conference held at the clubhouse. Mentioning that the criticisms made from various media are vital for them, Dal said, “that is a situation that concerns Erzurum first of all. All comments are useful for us, but a few perceptions can precede the facts. Instant decisions have hurt our staff too much in the earlier length. He doesn’t need her to make those statements.” stated.

Dal said that Sözeri works in just right religion, and stated, “We held a gathering with our instructor. What he’s seeking to do is upload worth to this workforce and make our crew successful. now we have labored in combination earlier than, even if he coached different teams. he is also one among the rare people we communicate to.

On the other hand, we had a budget of 25 million TL. All of these have details. there’s most effective 1.5-2 million lira electricity bill. There are many stuff like tax and insurance coverage.” we would love to consult them and talk among ourselves. I desire he had informed our control much more. Today, 21 players with character were transferred, there may be a good workforce. If we don’t protect this team, we will be able to to find neither a staff to speak approximately, nor a control to criticize. We experienced this in the earlier Erzurumspor. Let’s protect this crew so it does not occur again. This 12 months we have formed a competitive team. Friendship amongst themselves may be great. Construction this crew isn’t a task that may best be made with money. We made the group this fashion via going through a grueling and difficult process.”   

Word: “My explanations went to an overly different place than their objective”   

Tutor Erkan Sözeri, Adanaspor fit Regarding The evaluation he made to a press group after his post, he said, “My statements went to very different places than their goal.

There was once a few complaint, nevertheless it used to be spontaneous. It has come to a sensitive duration. i’ve discussed the financial issues we were experiencing intermittently for the reason that starting of the season.”

Noting that the football displayed in the first 1/2 the Adanaspor match stricken him and that he conveyed this example to his avid gamers at halftime, Sözeri said, “My unhappiness is not best about bonuses. i’m no longer combating right here for my very own money, nor have I. I additionally realize that no one can have any money left in Erzurumspor. A Few things have time. I spilled my middle at a very sensitive point. After seeing the first part, I got right into a mood of ‘I can’t motivate this group.’ there is not anything wrong with mendacity. it is arguable whether it’s going to be discussed there. And I say ‘I desire I hadn’t spoken there.’ As A Result Of i’ve other members of the family with the management.”

Describing that the problems throughout the team aren’t something that can’t be solved, Sözeri concluded his words as follows: Leaving apart the mood of this commentary, considered one of my targets was once to turn on the dynamics of the city.

I did not have any bad intentions whilst making those causes. Instant growth. This has additionally been an revel in for me. there’s no such thing as ‘I did this and i am getting it together.’ The facts are still within the center. Erzurumspor is a emblem and those should recognize a few issues. i am having the problems. we’d like avid gamers. i was truly worried after seeing the primary half Adanaspor fit. As A Result Of i am one in every of those who consider 100% that this crew will become the champion. Differently I won’t be right here. i will be able to not do the rest against Metropolitan Belediye Erzurumspor.”



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