İlhan Palut: Konyaspor might be the winner within the medium and longer term

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Expressing that the winner shall be Konyaspor within the medium and long run, İttifak Conserving Konyaspor Technical Director İlhan Palut stated, “We ready well, however the first 10 mins of the match started with sudden surprises for both groups. We conceded the goal even though we knew that Hamsik were given in and made the pass and that i attempted. after we checked out Trabzonspor, they have been missing inside of 10 mins. From the moment we conceded the objective, we immediately reacted. We persisted it for NINETY minutes. Too many ball hits in the penalty house, too many positions and an excessive amount of further play through the opponent’s goalkeeper. One unlucky goal we conceded today, “considered one of the explanations we left with 1 element. i am more than happy with the wishes and wishes of the team usually terms, offensively. Possibly we lost 2 points, but when we carry this usual to other matches, Konyaspor will win in the medium and long run.”

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