How to Use a Phone as a Mouse with Remote Mouse?

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Want to control your computer remotely without a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard while watching something on your computer? We recommend you to use the specially developed Remote Mouse application for this. We answer the question of how to use Remote Mouse on Android, iOS, and PC for you.
Although you can now do the things you once did on your computers from your smartphones, the computer is still the only solution for many jobs. Most of the time, these two technologies work well together. One of the ways these two devices work best with each other is to use the smartphone as a PC mouse. In this way, users can use their phones as a remote control for their Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

Remote Mouse looks extremely useful when you don’t have a Bluetooth mouse and you need a wireless controller. There are various mobile PC mouse applications on the market these days and we would like to explain to you the Remote Mouse application that you can use on your Windows, Linux, and Mac computers so that you do not waste time choosing among them.

What is a Remote Mouse?

Remote Mouse helps you turn your smartphone or tablet into a wireless and remote control set that you can use on your computer. The Remote Mouse not only implements the functions of a wireless mouse and keyboard but also offers a dedicated control panel where you can perform some operations such as media control, application switching, and remote-controlled web browsing.

Also, you can fully customize the user by applying commands you can assign with a single hand or left-hand use or special gestures.

How to use a Remote Mouse?

We explain in detail how you can use the Remote Mouse application, which turns your smartphone or tablet into a keyboard and mouse for your personal computer, in simple steps:

Stage 1:
From the links below, download the Remote Mouse application from the appropriate link for your smart device.
Install the Remote Mouse program on your computer.
Connect your smartphone or tablet and your computer to the same internet network.
Stage 2:
After connecting your devices to the same internet network, choose your PC from your phone.
Start using the application as you wish.
Remote Mouse features:
Mouse function
With the Remote Mouse application, you can move the cursor on your PC by moving your finger on the screen of your phone, you can give the left click command by clicking once, then right-click command by clicking twice, and you can move the pages by pressing with two fingers at the same time and pulling it up, down, right and left.

Keyboard function

With the Remote Mouse application, you can write on your PC along with your phone’s keyboard. All you have to do is touch a part that can be written with the mouse function and start typing.

Media player function

You can also use the application as a media player while watching music, videos, slides, or movies. Here you can use stop/start, forward / reverse, and volume up / down features. However, you have to buy the pro version for this.

Shortcut function

Thanks to its shortcut functions, you can use shortcuts on the PC keyboard. For example, you can do the Control + Alt + Del combination from your phone. However, for this feature, you need to purchase the pro version of the application.

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