How does Turkey visit the arena Cup? How does the nationwide team get out of the gang

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Our Nationwide Team, which is in Staff G of the 2022 FIFA Global Cup Ecu Qualifications, could not topple Norway after shedding 6-1 to the Netherlands. The nationwide team, who left the sector with a 1-1 draw, shall be the guest of Latvia in the eighth fit. Aiming to continue their second chance, the Crescent-Stars below the control of Stefan Kuntz intention to win the rest 3 games and look forward to the outcome of the Netherlands-Norway match to be played in the remaining week.

How will Turkey visit the sector Cup? How does the Nationwide Team get out of the crowd?

The collection will start with Latvia away on Monday, and the Nationals will face Gibraltar and Montenegro in November. With NINE issues from THREE games, we will entire the eliminations with 21 points. If the Netherlands keeps the same performance and wins two of their last THREE suits, they’ll have guaranteed the gang management. For them, Norway’s struggle in the ultimate week would possibly become a status fit.

Work may be on moderate

If Norway beats Montenegro and Latvia, they will go to the Netherlands away with 20 issues in the last week. in the event that they win, we’re going to say goodbye. if they lose, our play-off trail might be opened. If there is a draw here, the state of affairs of completing the qualifiers with 21 issues just like the Crescent-Stars can also be discovered. in this case, the job might be moderate. However on the second they’re also good on moderate. While we win, we will also have to make a distinction. The Nationals’ highway to Qatar shall be formed through the results of their competitors rather than their very own performance.


International Cup Qualifiers Group G standings

1- Netherlands / SIXTEEN score

2- Norway / 14 points

3- Turkey / 12 issues

FOUR- Montenegro / 11 issues

5- Latvia / 5 issues robust>

6- Gibraltar / 0 issues

Turkey fixture

<2022 FIFA Global Cup Eu Qualification Crew G match schedule:

24 March 2021: Turkey-Netherlands / FOUR-2 robust>

March 27, 2021: Norway-Turkey / ZERO-3

30 March 2021: Turkey-Latvia / 3-3

September 1, 2021: Turkey-Montenegro / 2-2

September FOUR, 2021: Gibraltar- Turkey / 0-THREE

September 7, 2021: Netherlands-Turkey / 6-1

October 8, 2021: Turkey-Norway / 1-1

October 11, 2021: Latvia-Turkey

November THIRTEEN, 2021: Turkey-Gibraltar

November 16, 2021: Montenegro-Turkey

2022 Global Cup Eu Qualification fit time table

1. Week: 24-25 March 2021

2. Week: 27-28 March 2021

3. Week: 30-31 March 2021

4. Week: 1-2 September 2021

5. Week: 4-5 September 2021

6. Week: 7-8 September 2021

7. Week: EIGHT-NINE October 2021

EIGHT. Week: ELEVEN-12 October 2021

NINE. Week: ELEVEN-13 November 2021

10. Week: 14-16 November 2021

Play-Off: 24, 25, 28, 29 March 2022

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