Hikmet Karaman: We were given a neatly-deserved win

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Kayserispor, who defeated Galatasaray THREE-0 in the sixth week of the Super League, made a statement.

Karaman’s statements are as follows;

he is right we were given a win. I say this with ease. Fatih Hodja without a doubt has the similar idea. From time to time, victories towards big teams are crucial. Even coaching is changing. Confidence comes to the staff. We played smart. We struggled classically, but when you play smart and solve issues, you get what you pay for. It was good objectives. Emrah scored an excessively sublime goal. He showed his person quality. Emrah has abilities, however there has been no overcoming. If he listens to us, we can watch an overly other Emrah. No pampering. Stay discipline. that is one in every of the largest obstacles to our development. Players, the media instantly places them in a different place. There need to be no ups and downs

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