Göztepe’s evil eye bead Obinna

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The Nigerian front libero, who used to be transferred from the Hungarian crew Ujpest for 3 years, and have become essential for the top 11 together with his wonder performance, made a distinction this season to boot.

Obinna, who performed in the top 11 of 8 video games performed this season and remained at the field for NINETY mins in total, became the midfielder who stole essentially the most balls from the opponent in 8 weeks. Obinna stole 35 instances from warring parties. After the nationwide holiday, Murat Paluli is getting better in Göztepe, who is making ready for the game where Kasımpaşa will be a visitor on Sunday, October 17, while Mihojevic, who closed the part earlier than he could play, remains to be injured. Arslanagic is not going to give you the chance to play as a result of his penalty.


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