Goztepeden VARa harsh criticism: What a difference!

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Göztepe, who lost 1-0 to GZT Giresunspor within the 8th week of the Super League, criticized the video assistant referee’s (VAR) team’s failure to intervene within the position between Halil Akbunar and Zeki Yavru. Within The post shared on Göztepe Club’s Twitter account, images of the double combat among Halil Akbunar and Zeki Yavru in yesterday’s GZT Giresunspor fit have been used. FIVE/740×0/615a033366a97c627e26899b”/>

In The publish “We ask! Whilst was once it allowed in football, even if elbowing is prohibited in any combat sport? #haVARhaYok what is the difference? it does!” statements have been included.

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