Göztepe President Mehmet Sepil took care of Nestor El Maestro

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It has been learned that President Sepil, who appointed a international teach for the first time in FIVE seasons within the Super League in the Yellow-Pink Team and entrusted the crew to the 38-yr-old Maestro, whom he has been following because last 12 months, doesn’t plan to switch the technical committee at the moment, regardless of the reactions.


Göztepe, who introduced the younger Serbian teach, who grew up in England, to responsibility on September EIGHT and defeated Medipol Başakşehir in the first match he played with the Maestro on September 12, then anchored to the ground with FOUR losses in a row, the longest defeat He signed one of his collection. In Göztepe, which won THREE issues in FIVE fits and lost 12 issues with the Maestro, the response of the enthusiasts to the family matches and the management on social media and the technical committee maintains to increase, while President Mehmet Sepil will stand at the back of the young technical man.

In Göztepe, Sepil sees the national holiday as an opportunity for Maestro, who couldn’t in finding the opportunity to coach correctly with his new staff and performed 5 consecutive suits in 1 month. Even Though Göztepe took the lead in Altay and Galatasaray away video games in these suits, they misplaced and overlooked a penalty at the same time as the score was tied 0-0 in front of Giresunspor.


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