Gökhan Tore drove Beşiktaş lovers crazy!

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Gokhan Töre had an opportunity in Beşiktaş, who played in the Super League Altay match with ELEVEN missing. The winger who began the sport in the first ELEVEN in Izmir misused the opportunity he had once again.

The black and white football participant made THIRTEEN cross errors in the first half and played with 35% cross good fortune. Gökhan Töre had 15 turnovers in the first part.

19 turnovers from Gökhan Töre

Sergen Yalçın criticized Gökhan Töre for his soccer. He was removed from the sport in the seventy fifth minute. Skilled soccer player completed the sport with 36% cross accuracy, 14 cross mistakes and 19 turnovers. (Ajansspor)

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