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Global Warming

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What is Global Warming?

Global warming most clearly; “It is the name given to the increase in average temperatures measured on land, sea, and air throughout the year on Earth as a result of the greenhouse effect. It is thought to be caused by the gases released into the atmosphere.

Today, scientists agree on global warming. Global Climate Change is the climate changes caused by global warming caused by greenhouse gases whose amount and density increase in the atmosphere. As a result of activities such as humanitarian, industrial, agricultural, and energy consumption. These climate changes are drought, desertification, imbalance, and deviations in precipitation, floods, typhoon, storm, tornados, etc. It manifests itself with symptoms such as increases in meteorological events.

The gases that cause the greenhouse effect in the world are 36-70% Water vapor, 9-26% Carbon dioxide, 4-9% Methane, and 3-7% Ozone.

The Greenhouse Effect

The gases in the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere and the water spring create a natural greenhouse effect, maintaining the heat balance of the world. This layer reflects some of the harmful rays and heat from the sun and sends them back into space. The passing rays also heat the earth’s crust and the heated air rises again and remains in the atmosphere thanks to the greenhouse gases in the stratosphere.

If there were no greenhouse gases, the rays from the sun during the day would overheat the earth, and the nights would be freezing. Life on earth would come to an end due to the extreme temperature difference between day and night.

Why Does Global Warming Happen?

The main causes of global climate change; It is the development of the industry with the increase in population and other human activities. The main cause of climate change is global warming. The reason for this is the increase in “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gas emissions increase with human activities. Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas that released into the atmosphere from vehicle exhausts, fuel burned for heating purposes, factory chimneys.

Results of Global Heating:

While global warming causes severe hurricanes and floods by causing climate changes, it also causes desertification with long-term droughts.

The melting of the polar glaciers will cause the coastal areas to be completely submerged. This will narrow the habitable space in the world. Frequent avalanches will occur due to the temperature changes in the snowy mountains, putting the surrounding settlements in danger. As a result of the rapid depletion of water resources, thirst will begin. Increases in temperature cause drought, desertification, and forest fires.

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