Global Cup message from Ecu Club Association to FIFA

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The Eu Club Affiliation (ECA) said that the theory of ​​organizing the sector Cup each and every two years in place of four, brought up via FIFA, could have “damaging effects” for soccer.

within the statement made at the association’s website, women He emphasised that FIFA, on the way to meet online with all parties of the game on Thursday, September 30 to talk about the world match calendar in males’s and men’s soccer, won’t fortify their plans for the sector Cup. within the statement, “FIFA’s plans for the world Cup to be held every years and the promoting efforts that carry it to the agenda result in deep worry for us. Although many soccer stakeholders lately expressed that they didn’t trust this concept, they did not have a real change of ideas with the parties. Repeatedly retaining this issue on the time table through FIFA can have devastating consequences for national and world soccer.”

The Eu Golf Equipment Association stated that it would be tougher to offer protection to the health of football gamers if there was a development in this route, and mentioned, “Football gamers can have to possibility their health due to the busy match time table. The World Cup can be held every two years, “it’ll cut back the price of membership and country-stage companies. Firms within the women’s and youth category will overlap with those of fellows. The soccer calendar can be even tighter.”

The Association underlined that they are now not towards the updates and inventions planned to be made within the world match calendar and said, “We make stronger the aid of the necessary breaks within the world match calendar in order to protect the health of the football avid gamers.”

As a results of the survey it conducted, FIFA announced that a significant portion of football enthusiasts were warmly interested in the speculation of ​​organizing the world Cup each two years. While UEFA, South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and representatives of Europe’s prime leagues adverse the format modification in the arena Cup, the european Soccer Coaches Institutions (AEFCA) supported FIFA for the modification.

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