Giresunspor overlooked opportunity

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Getting out with 3 wins in the remaining 4 fits, Kayseri shared its trump card with Giresunspor, which has not yet won. At 14, Doukara couldn’t move the pole in Giresun. within the corner used by Mensah in the 17th minute, Attamah positioned the guest group beforehand: ZERO-1. After FOUR mins, Çotanaklar got organized, Diabate balanced the ranking in the available position: 1-1. Even Supposing Black Sea team scored with Diabate at 26 and Serginho at FORTY NINE, they have been caught in the offside. Çotanaklar, with names equivalent to Diabate, Serginho and Balde, tried to drive the opponent’s safeguard with a brisk game within the 3rd zone. Kayseri, on the other hand, attempted to respond with the balls he grabbed from his opponent.

it would be a breakout fit

Kayseri, who could not show the dedication and energy within the Galatasaray fit, noticed many positions in its fortress. Giresun, who could not go the goalkeeper Lung towards his opponent, who had nice difficulty in concentration, particularly in the remaining segment, couldn’t to find the winning purpose. 1 element seemed just right for Kayseri, which gave large gaps to its opponent. Then Again, Giresun, who has now not yet met with THREE points, couldn’t knock down his opponent in a struggle the place he discovered so many positions, so he left important points in this kind of breaking match.

90+ Mertcan Polat

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