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Announcing that he ran with Fabricio from Çaykur Rizespor within the counterattack position, Erhan said, “one in all the fastest within the league, Fabricio, took the ball, and after he were given the ball, he tried to go back inside of as though giving it to the goalkeeper. I saw the ball in entrance of me. i thought it was once out of his foot. I additionally intervened. At The Same Time As I Used To Be leaving, I noticed my pals there. My first idea was to head out and rating a objective from the empty objective. i noticed Fabricio out of the nook of my eye whilst attaining for his back muscle. >“IF THAT PLACE HAS TO BE A OBJECTIVE, IT COULD NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ME AND THE ALTAY SPORTS CLUB”

“If the top of that position was once a purpose and we won from there, it would now not swimsuit me, Altay Sports Activities Club” Erhan Çelenk mentioned, “We had any person like Mustafa teacher at our head. It wouldn’t swimsuit anyone. After I kicked him out, my brother Gökhan (Gönül) came to me and congratulated me. Then I went to Fabricio and conveyed my very best needs. a pleasant deck from the stands. further got here. Those are stunning things. This position used to be even discussed within the international press after the fit. It feels like easy issues, however it isn’t like that.

I want it wasn’t a big deal. i’ve come this far with my persona, personality and soccer. If we are going to win, let’s win. i may had been in that friend’s position, i’ll have had any other loved one.” Noting that he has been enjoying professional soccer for 15 years, he stated, “We encountered so much of items that have been unthinkable. This experience brought about repercussions when it appeared on television. i am hoping yesterday’s event will not change into such a big deal once more and from now on, gentlemanliness will probably be at the vanguard. To such a lot it appeared like a large deal. there were folks who despatched messages and people who known as. Even individuals who do not play soccer gave answers like ‘i would shoot EIGHTY % if I had been you’. i didn’t even bring to mind it for a 2nd.” Expressing that they met and talked at the matter, Erhan stated, “He checked out me and mentioned, ‘Why did not you ranking the function?’ I mentioned, ‘My instructor, it could not swimsuit us, this membership wouldn’t go well with me,’ he said, ‘i’d have taken you out at that moment in case you had already thrown out.’The opponents’ show spreads his leg, ignores the football player, the ball pickers do not catch the ball. what is going to occur to soccer if he plays with those for 5 seconds? what is going to occur if you happen to are living a championship and end with those seconds? From my point of view those aren’t essential at all. the important factor is friendship, brotherhood, and gentlemanly,” he said.


He mentioned that they have been the one ones facing Fabricio and Gökhan Gönül in the position they caught. Erhan Çelenk, pointing out that 3 folks attacked, mentioned, “there have been two other folks behind the safeguard. It was an EIGHTY-90 p.c goal place if I went out or dribbled. After that objective, i might take into accounts that position so much. It would not be good in any respect, it could be like any function. I set an instance for the kids coming from behind in phrases of equity. i am satisfied if we have proven this to even one person,” he stated. Erhan mentioned that if he was deemed worth of the Fair-Play Award, he would go away an even reminiscence for his existence after football.


Indicating that they started the season well and stuck a brand new collection, Erhan Çelenk stated, “Besiktas fit is on Friday.

In the tip, ELEVEN other people will appear at the box. we are already one. individuals are suffering, from young to old. Beşiktaş match can be tricky, however we believe that we can leave the field with a victory in İzmir. Büyük Altay is a workforce that usually has objectives. we wish to reach the objectives one via one,” he stated.



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