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Before we start landscaping, we should draw a sketch of our garden. We have to write the measurements we took on this sketch. If there are the width and height of the garden, the distance of the borders to the building, other structures, and trees should be specified in the sketch.

On the sketch, there are wind corridors, sunshades, and shaded areas, the entrance to the building, the road should be specified. Then, by making scribbles on the sketch, we can first perform the landscape arrangement in our head on paper.

Planning which is the most important part is the screening of unwanted appearance, noise, or bad smells. For example, you do not want to see a cemetery in front of you or a noisy street is passing, you can create a plant curtain on the border of the garden in that direction.

The main principle when choosing plants in landscaping is to choose lower plants as larger plants approach the house towards the garden border. Distant plants will also provide backdrops for nearby ornamentals. You can think of shadow elements in the most appropriate place of your garden, you can determine a place for walking paths or an ornamental pool and a playground for children if any.

You can set aside a corner in your garden to grow vegetables, it should be far from home and somewhere you can screen it with shrubs or trees. After drawing the mainframe of your garden, you can start the plant selection.

What Should We Pay Attention To When Buying Garden Furniture?

For your garden furniture selection, you should clearly define your intended use. The garden furniture you choose should not take up a large area and should be practical. It should also complement each other with other units and accessories you use in your garden. There are some things you should consider when choosing any type of furniture for your home, whether outdoor or indoor. When choosing outdoor furniture, the dimensions have widened, comfort has come to the fore. Lightness, durability, easy cleaning features have become the most important evaluation factors.

Choose sun and moisture-resistant, long-lasting products!

When choosing your garden furniture, you should pay attention to the fact that it is resistant to moisture and sunlight. Durability should be your first criteria that will be exposed to moisture and sun all summer long. To ensure durability, you can choose furniture made of plastic, steel, or aluminum, or wooden furniture with high water resistance.

Aluminum Material

Aluminum garden furniture is resistant to all weather conditions. It can be used for many years because it is not oxidized, is preferred due to its lightness and easy cleaning. Chrome steel and hardened aluminum chairs and tables can add a modern atmosphere to your garden with their bright appearance. The disadvantages are the possibility of creating a metal, cold atmosphere in the garden. However, it is possible to break the cold effect created by aluminum with round and square garden tables.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic materials are the most affordable ones among the garden furniture. However, in any case, you should use plastic chairs and tables made of quality materials. Because, with the effect of sunlight and high temperature, carcinogenic effects can occur in plastic products. In this respect, if you prefer plastic, it would be the right choice to choose garden furniture. Plastic is the most reliable and environmentally friendly alternative.

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