Galatasaray’s Omar Elabdellaoui and Sacha Boey are separated from the workforce

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Coaching at Florya Metin Oktay Facilities Jupp Derwall Coaching Box started with heat-up workout routines.

Afterwards, passing and catching workouts were performed in a narrow house in 3 groups. in the major part of the training, a double-rocket tactical recreation was once performed in a limited area. The workout is finished after the cool-down.

Omar Elabdellaoui, who had a a success stem cellphone transplant operation in the U.S., did a special observe with the exception of the workforce together with his athletic performance team these days.

Sacha Boey continued her field work one after the other from the crew.

Galatasaray will complete the preparations for the Göztepe match with a coaching consultation to be able to be held at Florya Metin Oktay Amenities at 17.00 the following day.

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