Galatasaray President Elmastan Mustafa Cengiz gesture

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A prime consultation meeting was held at Galatasaray Club. Speaking about the prime advisory committee meeting, Elmas said, “We held the advisory committee meeting attended via the $64000 names who took part in the past in our neighborhood. This was the meeting that i mentioned time and again in the election and that i needed to carry. way to them, an important a part of our elders who have served as president, vp and council chair within the previous. He frequent this invitation. It was once an overly enjoyable assembly. We ignored them a great deal, we had the opportunity to peer them. i would like to thank all our former presidents, vice presidents and council presidents who gave us the opportunity to take this pretty family picture.

Saturday and Sunday Regarding the overall assemblies to be hung on the similar day, Chairman Elmas continued as follows: “because the board of directors, we provide all of the assist and support we will be able to, at the side of the chairman of the council, to hold the overall assembly in the healthiest manner conceivable. We consulted with the former board of directors so that they could explain within the premier method and respond to the suggestions and criticisms won in the previous two bizarre common conferences relating to their respective terms. We proceed to offer them with the tips and files they desire. as the current board of administrators, we can not take a seat at the board of administrators on the level, given that the overall assembly considerations their term. For these days, we will go at the authority and finances section that pursuits us. we expect it would be extra appropriate and stylish for them to sit there. We made this be offering to them.”

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