Galatasaray news: Moruta’s manager to separation claims

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Rumors that Olimpiu Morutan, who Galatasaray brought to his crew from the Romanian team FCSB, have not played for 90 mins but, have a large protection in the Romanian press. Morutan’s supervisor Florin Vulturar additionally made statements in regards to the separation allegations towards his participant.

speaking to Prosport, Florin Vulturar mentioned, “There’s no question of Morutan leaving Galatasaray, even on loan. There are false allegations from Turkey. nobody informed this to Morutan or me. “he’s more than happy with him. it’s precise that he’s now not at the similar physical degree because the rest of the crew. he’s not 100% able, however he will be. Fatih Terim is also happy with him. It’s just a start and he still needs time to conform.”

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