Galatasaray launched a legal battle to give protection to its trademark rights

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CONSISTENT WITH the ideas at the membership’s website, a meeting used to be held at Türk Telekom Stadium with the participation of vice chairman Rezan Epözdemir and board member Abdulvahap Gazi Tanrıverdi. As a result of the cooperation with legislation places of work far and wide Turkey, the yellow-red membership will establish the government that use the Galatasaray logo illegally and can take felony motion towards them. Rezan Epözdemir mentioned, “We conducted a observe on the new time period motion plan of our Galatasaray. We got here along with law firms from in every single place Turkey that allows you to paintings with Galatasaray. on this duration, Galatasaray is attempting to dominate an working out as a way to give protection to its own emblem until the end.” Emphasizing that they have agreed with 20 regulation firms inside the scope of the studies, Epözdemir stated, “Those regulation workplaces will take felony movements all over Turkey for counterfeit products associated with Galatasaray, exercise the liberty of declare, substitute compensation and felony cases, will placed forth a serious effort to assemble, clutch and confiscate those products through seek and seizure choices.” Explaining that they will determine a hotline in the brand new duration underneath the leadership of club president Burak Elmas, Epözdemir said, “We Will say that this hotline for counterfeit branded products have to be carried out. As a demand of the state of legislation, against all concerned, each sooner than the chief and within the presence of retail-wholesale-dealers, who harm, infringe at the Galatasaray emblem, use it unfairly and unlawfully, use it with out a license, create counterfeit branded merchandise and thereby harm the emblem price of our Galatasaray. We Can use our freedom to seek justice.”

Manager Abdulvahap Gazi Tanrıverdi, at the different hand, mentioned that they think the retailing factor need to be a great step forward for Galatasaray, and mentioned, “we have now undergone a metamorphosis and transformation both in the product vary and in diversity. way to the beef up of Rezan Bey, he went to the ground of the productions. we’re seeking to make sure that Galatasaray merchandise are sold on the proper points and in our own shops, by way of rooting them out to the workshop the place they’re produced.” used his statements. (AA)

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