Galatasaray broke the poor collection of four suits

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The win is excellent

Galatasaray won not only 3 points but also other profits in Göztepe match. Even As cold winds started to blow among the stands and the staff in the closing duration, the entire ice melted and cohesion was completed in the Göztepe match. Victory came after this merger.


For the primary time in Galatasaray, Morutan met with a objective. Cicaldau additionally assisted the younger football player who scored a creative function. In The Past, Morutan had given the cross in the Kasımpaşa fit, and Cicaldau had scored. The team spirit among the two Romanian stars gives desire to the Galatasaray fanatics as well.


Even As Halil Dervişoğlu used to be unfortunate to attain in Galatasaray, Mbaye Diagne used to be also highly favored. The morale of many gamers at the offensive line in Galatasaray reinforced the hand of the technical committee. the one goal for the yellow-pink folks is the Marseille match, which they’ll play within the Europa League. The match passwords of the technical staff began to work.


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