From Balotelli to Sergen Yalçın adventure action!

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Balotelli marked the fit between Beşiktaş and Adana Demirspor within the sixth week of the Super League! The Italian striker moved to Sergen Yalçın after his first objective. Balotelli, who scored some other objective in the closing second of the fit, gave his workforce 1 point, and there has been confusion.

He mentioned a question mark

Sergen Yalçın for Balotelli, whose transfer to Beşiktaş was once at the schedule. , ‘It has not anything to do with whether the player is good or bad. The player we can buy should be a clear participant and there should be absolute confidence marks in our minds. since you purchase striker for Beşiktaş. you can’t get it through observing. he is not a participant who has performed so much for FOUR-FIVE years. Due To The Fact That there has been a question mark in our minds, I didn’t in finding it suitable, it didn’t are compatible my mind.’

Sergen Yalçın: Balotelli has no brain

Balotelli’s first shot The move he made by way of going to the Beşiktaş bench after the function used to be claimed that Sergen Yalçın responded to Mario Balotelli’s remark, “This kid has no brain,” years in the past.

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