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It has been known since Ancient Greece that human beings are social beings and without society, human beings cannot live comfortably. As can be understood from Aristotle’s famous saying, man is a social animal. It is not possible for a human being alone, away from social relations, to live in isolation in society. Even animals live together. This situation is divine and hereditary taxation. Because of this instinct, people make friends and friendships while living in society. The name of this is friends, pard, and buddy. Of course, it takes the name according to the sincerity.

Its word meaning means loved, trusted, confident, close friend, dear friend. Therefore, it means the opposite of hostility. As Aşık Veysel’s famous quote expresses loyalty in friendship as “Let friends remember me, my greatest asset in this world is my friends”. A true friend is that you trust in every aspect, that you are happy to be with you, accepting and tolerating you in all your circumstances. Friends protect secrets and defend you on every ground you are not with. And being friends with them makes people happy forever.

Does a Friendly Person Misguide You?

A person who is friendly will never deceive you. It should be the person who does not mislead you. S/he is your heartfelt friend with you with every breath you take. Friends are people whom we trust blindly. They say that one who makes mistakes can do it again. Your friend may upset you again in this situation. Maybe your friend will put you in a difficult situation for life because of a mistake or wrong act s/he made. This misconception, which is due to the fact that trust is a difficult emotion, will cool you from the person. As mentioned; remains a friendship relationship. In other words, the feeling of friendship may decrease over time. Therefore, the friend must be the one who will never be mistaken.

Friendship in Today’s World

In today’s world, the concept of friendship is generally more difficult. There are always exceptional people who can make real friendships. These people can be expressed as extremely lucky people. It is a great reward to have a friend that one can lean on, trust in all circumstances, be with him in good and bad days. In this context, everyone who reads our article should make an effort to establish friendships and do their best in relation to this. In this way, we can express that friendships can be established and life will pass better.

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