Former Beşiktaş participant Mario Gomez, his favorites in the Champions League

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Mario Gomez, who gained the Super League championship by means of being the highest scorer with Beşiktaş, whose jersey he wore on mortgage in the 2015-SIXTEEN season, announced his favorites in the Champions League. Mario Gomez showed Bayern Munich, which he received within the Champions League even as dressed in his jersey in 2013, some of the favourites.

Mario Gomez, who performed FORTY FOUR instances in his football career and scored 26 goals, introduced his favorites to Stuttgarter Nachrichten. As Well As to Bayern Munich, he stated that he sees Chelsea, the last champion coached by Thomas Tuchel, as his favourites.

Reporting that the 2 groups are in a similar scenario, Mario Gomez said, “they have got the most productive squad structure generally. They both have excellent coaches, odd strikers, an excellent management construction and homogeneous groups.”

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