Foreign enthusiasts of Alanyaspor, in spite of being vaccinated via PCR

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Aytemiz Alanyaspor’s fan crew, inclusive of resident foreigners, claimed that they might no longer enter the stadium without a PCR take a look at because the Kovid-19 vaccines processed in their passports did not appear in the Passolig utility, and demanded that this drawback be corrected. In a press commentary they made in entrance of the monument, they demanded that international nationals who are absolutely vaccinated be admitted to the stadiums with out PCR trying out.

Describing that there are problems in spite of being a Passolig member, Jacopsen said that his vaccines are processed at the passport, but those vaccines are not visible in the Passolig utility. Expressing that they would like to support Alanyaspor and visit the match, Jacopsen mentioned, “we all were vaccinated. And I had been vaccinated in Turkey. I live right here besides. Then Again, they still don’t settle for us. That Is why we’d like to have a PCR take a look at to go into the fit. that is a bit of bit for me. unjust.” He stated.

Indicating that they are looking to discover a solution for foreigners whose residences are within the district, Jacopsen cited that EIGHTY % of the international fan group’s place of dwelling is visual in their u . s .. Emphasizing that, Jacopsen stated, “we can’t attend the matches now, we leave out them a great deal. it is a fair advertisement for Turkey that we go to the suits. for instance, a few of the tourists are waiting to visit the Alanyaspor fits.”

Ümmet Öztürk from Alanyaspor Yörükler supporter group additionally stated that there have been many international fans returning from the stadium gate at the match day and said that they wanted an answer to this drawback.

E-Kent General Manager Atıl Aykar On The different hand, the ticket purchases of the spectators in the Tremendous League suits and the entrance to the stadium, TC He cited that it was performed within the framework of the principles determined by way of the Ministry of Well Being and TFF. if they have had their vaccinations in the HES Software with their Passolig Passport numbers (Passport quantity written on their Passolig Card), they can purchase tickets or input the stadium once they write their Passport quantity and HES code during the price tag purchase step. is the same.”


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