Forced new settlement in Galatasaray! His price tag was once issued but

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The Placement of Cristian Luyindama, who was brought to the staff by means of paying a total of 8 million Euros in Galatasaray and whose end-of-season contract will expire, put the membership in trouble. The strains are blended for the rest Democratic Congolese football participant.

According to Hürriyet’s information; Luyindama, who couldn’t use the opportunity he had within the absence of Marcao, reacted with his errors and became the 4th imperative defender within the team. If the be offering is available in January for the 27-yr-old football participant who misplaced his jersey to Alpaslan, it’ll be evaluated. Control will come to a decision. the explanation used to be that the yellow-red people, who did not settle for the 2 million Euro be offering of the Antwerp club on the beginning of the season, demanded a switch price of four million Euros. In Spite Of the reality that Cristian Luyindama, who has made a big mistake within the purpose against Göztepe, who attracts attention with the errors he made in many fits this season, failed with his performance, the yellow-reds are in peril of shedding the player they invested closely in without earning any cash.

His settlement expires. ending

Luyindama’s settlement, which was once leased for three million Euros between 2018-19 and won a 6 million Euro transfer at the finish of the season, will expire on the end of the season. If a suggestion is made in January, the participant shall be allowed to earn source of revenue from its sale. If the offer doesn’t come, Luyindama will visit the membership he needs at the finish of the season with out making any cash. At this point, the extension of the contract will probably be put on the time table so as to forestall Luyindama’s unfastened departure, although he is in the magnificence along with his performance. the verdict in this issue might be made in January consistent with the developments.

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