Flash sharing from Loic Remy after Bülent Uygun’s separation

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Çaykur Rizespor’s skilled striker Loic Remy drew the entire consideration with the put up he made on his non-public social media account. Megastar player, instruct Bülent Uygun, in his put up in Turkish after parting ways, said, “you can’t scribble on my work and my name like this. A dishonest lie is best than a fact that surprises him. There are false truths and true lies. in the identify of honesty, tell the reality.” 740×0/614bae3466a97cc640f39597″/>

within the 6th week of the Tremendous League, Çaykur Rizespor misplaced 2-1 to Altay in the field, Bülent Uygun made a wonder remark in regards to the French celebrity and said, “Remy, pre-match He mentioned that he had an damage, the use of the sphere stipulations as an excuse. He desired to cross at the beginning of the season, ‘I cannot to find these coins.’ mentioned. You Might Be back. We said ‘Get out to exercise’, it did not, he mentioned ‘I am injured’. A Few within the camp said, ‘The instructor is going, the system is like this in Turkey anyway.’ stated.

This put up by Remy used to be interpreted as a reaction to coach Bülent Uygun.

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