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Black-whites received the Antalyaspor – Beşiktaş match with a ranking of 3-2. Beşiktaş managed to get THREE points from the fit, which fell back 2-ZERO. After the match, Sergen Yalçın’s squad choice and his moves to the game had been talked about so much.

Our creator Erman Özgür, who commented at the battle in Tivibu Spor, analyzed Beşiktaş’s Antalyaspor victory. “He was once the reason for discovery within the rotation for Hodja Sergen. He discovered that Josef was once never despatched to the centre-again. Larin’s -and-a-part in the first purpose scored. i guess Kenan is not going to do it during his career. it’s vitally important to put the fullbacks in the sport in a fit Beşiktaş desires to return.” said.

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