Final minute Stefan Kuntz made statements prior to the fit against Norway.

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Our Nationwide Team A will face Norway the following day within the seventh fit of Staff G of 2022 FIFA World Cup Eu Qualifications. Sooner Than this significant fit, teach Stefan Kuntz and captain Burak Yılmaz, who will play their first fit, spoke on the press conference.

Burak Yılmaz: We Now Have to win tomorrow

We certainly must win the next day to come . We Are well prepared and we’re waiting for the match time. we would like to win and be 2nd. For now. Even Supposing they are younger, we have experienced avid gamers, I also have the mandatory conversations with them. we must always now not be expecting Stefan Kuntz to make radical changes at the field in a short time. Norway has its shortcomings, but i don’t suppose it matters so much at those levels.

Kuntz: “I explained the Norwegian tactic to my gamers

Contact my avid gamers to see their strengths and weaknesses. I informed them my tactical plan for the Norway game and asked them, ‘Can you play on this tactic, are you at ease?’ We labored it out.

“there will be some changes”

“where this is not guaranteed”

Truthfully, this is our first roster. However of course, the place this is not assured. they’re not within the team, but later in the staff what’s going to occur next… I watched the ultimate fits of the avid gamers, between the antique and young players i tried to strike a stability. creating a stability among those two generations will convey success. there’s enjoy on one aspect and fearlessness on the different.

“Our staff’s efficiency is vital”

i don’t suppose there will probably be a decrease in Norway’s quality. There are changes in a few positions, but my focal point is on my crew appearing smartly at the field.

Who will play within the function?

i know that the goalkeeper factor is a big factor in Turkey. . I BOUGHT two younger and one experienced goalkeeper. The goalkeeper coaches shared their impressions of the goalkeepers and on the end we made the final decision. Ultimately, we will be able to decide who will play.

“we can make opinions after 4 games”

I don’t see myself in a position to guage Turkish soccer on the second. After these four video games, we will review and meet with the coaches within the league. After that, we will be able to communicate.

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