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Galatasaray club published a knowledge in regards to the Galatasaray Island lawsuit strategies on its respectable website.

The statement from Galatasaray is as follows:

It has been within the media for a few days now. There are intentional, manipulative and obviously understood news approximately Galatasaray Island, which is our property. Therefore, it changed into necessary to make a written remark in order to as it should be inform the public and the Galatasaray community.

Accordingly; regarding the evacuation of Galatasaray Island, a total of 7 eviction proceedings had been filed via our membership towards the operator, and the phases of the aforementioned court cases are in brief summarized under.

because of the expiration of the settlement concluded between our club and the operator, an eviction lawsuit was filed on 16.12.2015, and the Local Courtroom made up our minds to reject the lawsuit on 05.07.2018. Our membership made an appeal in contrast decision, and this utility was rejected by way of the Local Courtroom of Justice on 09.02.2021. Our membership appealed in contrast choice, and the verdict of the District Court Docket of Appeals was upheld by the Superb Court and the decision was once finalized towards us.

 because of default, an objection was lifted on 25.01.2018 and an eviction lawsuit used to be substituted, and the case used to be settled on 27.09.2018. determination was once rejected.

Our club appealed against this decision, and the verdict used to be upheld through the Superb Court on 08.02.2021 and the decision became final against us.


An evacuation lawsuit was once filed on 12.01.2015 at the grounds that the constructions towards the zoning by means of the operator on Galatasaray Island constituted a breach of agreement. and the lawsuits relating to this file are proceeding sooner than the Native Court.

 An eviction lawsuit used to be filed on 15.07.2016 at the grounds that the operator’s request for the pool entrance and solar lounger charges from the Club individuals was unconstitutional. It continues before the Court Docket.

 An eviction lawsuit was once filed on 16.12.2015 as a result of necessity, and the court cases regarding this file are proceeding prior to the Local Court.

as a result of the impossibility after the demolition, an eviction lawsuit was filed on 22.03.2019, and the proceedings regarding this document are continuing before the Native Court.

 as a result of default, an eviction lawsuit used to be substituted on 17.11.2020, With the decision dated 18.03.2021, it was once made up our minds to evacuate the operator from Galatasaray Island.

The document is lately pending for appeal assessment. Contrary to the manipulative information that serve sensational considerations and personal interests, the appeal exam of the aforementioned file has no longer been began yet.

In summary, of the eviction court cases filed via our membership through the previous administrations were rejected and finalized, and five of them are pending earlier than the courts of first instance. one in all the pending files was once concluded in desire of our club and it was decided to evacuate the operator from Galatasaray Island. Upon the objection made via the operator to this choice, the document is on the Regional Courtroom of Justice degree to be reviewed.


On The Other Hand, there are six ongoing court cases in opposition to our club via the operator.

In the general analysis; so as to prevent our club from incurring any further irreparable damages, our freedom to hunt rights as a demand of the rule of law is used, and all ongoing felony approaches are adopted meticulously due to the different sensitivity of our control relating to our Island.

Our island. we will be able to never permit unlawful and in poor health-intentioned plans that different events will want to determine on it.

We respectfully submit to the tips of our neighborhood and the general public.


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