Final minute – Concern of release from former managers in Galatasaray!

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In Galatasaray, the fear of acquittal gripped the previous administration. for the reason that monetary basic assemblies, which didn’t happen as a result of the pandemic a few of the yellow-pink other folks, can be held this weekend, the heavy artillery within the Mustafa Cengiz Administration declared a mobilization on the matter of “Ibra”.

Albayrak and Günay known as the individuals< /strong>

According to Milliyet’s report; On October SIXTEEN-17, 2019 and 2020 of the Mustafa Cengiz duration will be voted on financially and administratively. The old management, thinking that they could no longer be launched again as prior to, started work. Abdurrahim Albayrak and Yusuf Günay, who have been the vice presidents during the Cengiz era, referred to as the individuals they saw close to them or met face-to-face and requested them to wait the congress. and Günay want to save you a possible expulsion.

Former directors, who could must visit courtroom if the congress couldn’t be licensed financially, engaged in excessive lobbying efforts to do away with this danger.

SIXTEEN The conferences to be held on the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center Anatolian Auditorium on October 17 are expected to be very tough.

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