Fenerbahçe Deputy Chairman Erol Bilecik: Excellent days are close to

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Bilecik mentioned that they were sorry after the match, where the yellow and dark blue team lost 3-0 to the Greek crew Olympiakos in the 2d fit of the UEFA Europa League Crew D, and said, “The fit started with an overly unlucky purpose in the 6th minute. It was the moment of breaking. If that ball had gone in from the line, we could have been speaking approximately one thing else now. Unfortunately, the match broke after that. Olympiakos placed all of the power on. a very unlucky night. we are very sorry. we are just on the beginning of the street. There are many suits to be played in the league and UEFA ahead of us. as the great group of this nice group, we know how you can make a comeback once more. this is in all our genes. we have no selection however to go away this match at the back of and glance beforehand,” he mentioned.


Expressing their happiness with the give a boost to of the fanatics, Bilecik stated, “He didn’t spare his enhance for even 1 minute all over 90 mins. Regardless Of this kind of bad result, the supporters, the management and the technical team are all together in a construction that continues till the top of our desire. However, it has shown how strong a bond we continue on the street. because the board of administrators, we might love to thank our fanatics. Our lovers referred to as our players and embraced them. We do not have the slightest doubt that we can pay for this each as a staff and as a sportive good fortune within the coming weeks. Fenerbahçe will return to its vintage days in phrases of its genes as a fan construction for more than 100 years. Regardless Of such a bad outcome, the fanatics, who embraced and did not spare all their beef up for 90 minutes, already gave the sign for this. I haven’t any doubt approximately that. Continue with out missing a minute of toughen. i feel just right days are near.”


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