Enthusiastic welcome to Amputee Nationwide Soccer Team in Tokat

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The Amputee National Soccer Staff, which turned into the european Champion for the second one time by means of beating Spain 6-ZERO in the final, came to Tokat, the hometown of instruct Osman Çakmak. Amputee National Football Team, which was once greeted with drums and zurna on the ring street through the Tokat provincial protocol, came to Cumhuriyet Sq. with a convoy. He was greeted with flowers by means of an enthusiastic crowd, along with Tokat Governor Ozan Balcı and Tokat Mayor Eyüp Eroğlu. Expressing that he’s proud and excited, Amputee Nationwide Workforce Tutor Osman Çakmak stated, “Our hearts are with you, and my expensive hero friends who mirror this enthusiasm, excitement and energy to us. THIRTEEN courageous and lions of this usa and their technical workforce. I lost my left foot as a result of stepping on a mine in Şırnak. I had other emotions that day, but what can we do for this u . s . today, based on the sentence ‘If the place of origin is the remaining, the rest is details.’ we know that it’s a jersey for which a value has been paid, and if it’s going to be primary in Europe and the arena for it, why not these heroes and lions. as the captain of the workforce, i’m their instruct today in addition as his older brother. i’m more than happy, proud. the rustic grows as we pay the fee. we all pay a worth. I’m excited”.

Tokat Mayor Eyüp Eroğlu additionally said, “the topic of lately, T. T. Our Turkey Amputee National Workforce is here. My respects to all of you. Welcome, you brought pleasure. Lately we’re proud, satisfied, excited. we’re satisfied to host our Amputee National Workforce in Tokat, which shook Europe, found out the power of the Turks, hoisted our crimson flag, and made the entire of Turkey hearken to our National Anthem,” said Ozan Balcı, the Governor of Tokat. At The other hand, “Osman president and his crew, Gazi Osman Çakmak, changed into the pleasure of Turkey. He turned into the pleasure of the Turkish country. In the eu Championship, they made our Amputee Nationwide Soccer Crew the champion in conjunction with their group. They made the Turkish country really feel justified honor and delight. They made us sing our Nationwide Anthem and hoisted our crescent and famous person crimson flag. On behalf of our nation, on behalf of Tokat, on behalf of our compatriots, I really thank them, congratulate them, congratulate them.”


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