El Clasico

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Real Madrid – Barcelona match is on the door… This match is much more than a football match for the peoples of Spain and Catalonia. The football leg of this social competition dating back centuries has gradually become one of the most important sports events in the world.

The supporters of the two teams are separated by sharp lines. Real Madrid fans are made up of Spanish nationalists, while Barcelona fans are made up of Catalan nationalists. The basis of this distinction was laid approximately 1000 years ago.

In the 11th century, there were two neighboring kingdoms, Castile and Aragon, on the Iberian Peninsula. While the Kingdom of Castile was ruling in and around Madrid; The Kingdom of Aragon, on the other hand, existed in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula, that is today’s Barcelona and its surroundings. Naturally, Madrid’s origin is in the Kingdom of Castile, and Barcelona’s in the Kingdom of Aragon.

The Meaning of El Clasico

If we define the meaning of El CLasico, it is the name of the conflict between Spain’s long-established club Real Madrid and Catalonia’s biggest club Barcelona. This conflict is on social, cultural and political issues.

This link between kingdoms and clubs is also evident in the coat of arms and color choices. The colors of Real Madrid are purple and white with a crown on the coat of arms. While the magenta comes from the purple lion on the flag of the Kingdom of Castile; white represents the king. The crown in the coat of arms of the club is the crown of the king as can be guessed.

The yellow red lines on the top right of the Barcelona coat of arms are the same as the lines on the flag of the Kingdom of Aragon. Yellow and red colors from the Kingdom of Aragon are also the colors of Catalonia.

These two kingdoms, which inspired the two huts, united through marriage in 1479 and met under the roof of the Kingdom of Spain. This new kingdom paved the way for today’s Spain. Thus the rivalry between kingdoms, to come to life again on the football field with the names Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The first match between the two teams was played on May 13, 1902 at the Madrid Hippodrome and the match ended with Barcelona’s 3-1 victory.

11 July 1968

End of Glasses

In the King’s Cup final played in Bernabeu in the middle of summer, Real Madrid lost 1-0 to Barcelona with Zunzunegui’s own goal and loses the trophy. Fans who went to the game with beer glasses in the stands protest their teams in this way. There are those who get hurt. After this event, glasses are banned from matches.

April 30, 1976

The police asked, Clasico was played Friday

Big matches like El Clasico are often played on weekends. However, the police, who predicted that incidents could happen on the grounds of the first death anniversary of Franco, who died in 1975, asks El Clasico to be played on Friday night. The federation, taking into account the suggestions of the security forces, takes this giant match on Friday evening. Barcelona won this match 2-0.

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