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Dogs are the first choice of families who want to live at home with a pet. They help people with many tasks. Dogs that have been in our lives for a long time have been the rightful heroes of many stories. The domestication of the dog, which dates back thousands of years, has facilitated human life millions of times and even helped it to survive. Dogs are often our best friends as the house is a source of joy.

The Place of Dogs in Our Lives

Sniffing, sight, and hearing are admirable qualities for dogs. Moreover, if we add intelligence and feelings to these features, we can understand more easily why they are in our lives. For example, a dog acting as a police dog, as well as sniffing illegal items such as drugs or bombs, his senses almost make him the hero of the mission. Some dogs are specially bred to increase their sense of smell. Dogs also have an excellent field of vision that allows them to see almost perfectly. Their hearing is also very sensitive and has a wide frequency range. This allows dogs to hear much higher frequency sounds than humans. These features make them good guard dogs.

The Incredible Effects of Owning a Dog on Our Lives

The mutual love between us and our friends, which helps us reduce our stress and anxiety levels, affects the heartbeat of both sides. According to researches, owning a dog has very interesting benefits for our heart health and our lives.

Good for the heart, reduces the risk of heart:

According to research by Warwich Anderson, dog owners have a lower risk of having a heart attack than people who don’t have dogs.

Raises your mood:

You don’t need to look for a remedy in ice cream when you’re sad, because feeding dogs helps release serotonin, according to a study at the University of Missouri. This automatically upgrades the mod.

Strengthens feelings of commitment:

A study conducted on the effects of dogs on human life revealed that a chemical bond was formed between owners and dogs due to the increase in oxytocin, thereby strengthening the sense of attachment in the person.

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