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Miralem Pjanic, transferred via Beşiktaş from Barcelona at the remaining day of the switch, made a press release to Bein Sports.

Pjanic’s statements are as follows;

In Barcelona I’ll also play

My switch process wasn’t very good. Last yr in Barcelona, ​​our instructor made selections that i could not rather bear in mind. i did not have a lot success last year. it’s not acceptable to me. Because I Like football and that i am a football player who wants to be on the box. If Truth Be Told, I Could have played in Barcelona. i wished just a little extra time. However our instructor’s determination was once like this. I had to solve this problem. I needed to find a membership where I’ll play. As I said, i’m a soccer player who always desires to be at the field.

This was a country I at all times questioned approximately

Besiktas had a super interest at the remaining day of the switch. Now Not the slightest doubt crossed my mind. i used to be very excited to play within the Champions League and a double cup staff. at the similar time, I at all times desired to get to understand and spot Turkey closely. this is a country I Have all the time wondered approximately. Whilst my family gave 100% make stronger to my resolution, the whole thing used to be completed and that i got here here.

Our trainer and control contributed a lot to my coming here

The national fit towards France we performed.

My telephone was once off. Reporters started asking me questions. i did not find out about it because i did not resolution my phone. I said that i have a 3-12 months agreement in Barcelona and that i’m a participant of Barcelona. I arrived on the resort, when I picked up the telephone, I saw so many calls and messages that i was very shocked. As you mentioned, things happen rapid from time to time. Our teacher and management contributed so much to my coming here. They took great care of me. This interest used to be decisive.

I spoke with Sehic

The assembly with our president, vp and teacher on the related day was once decisive for me. there have been very important components in my decision to come right here. one of my footballer pals, I talked to Sehic first. As A Result Of he is aware of this position. He gave me the details. He advised me good things. He mentioned that Beşiktaş is the biggest club here and that i would be more than pleased right here. What I saw whilst I arrived, the hobby and worry of our instructor, the workers, the organization once again confirmed me that I made the fitting determination.

i think we will be successful

My teammates are really good football gamers. and also really nice people.

Being in Istanbul makes me and my family more than happy. I especially just like the love of the lovers. And That I need to effectively return this love to them. i think we can be successful. the most essential thing for me is to win in football. We’ll make it occur.

He introduced us back to the sport

I’ve been here for a month. i can say that Sergen Yalçın is an overly a success trainer. you’ll be able to see this as he is additionally the head of a double trophy workforce. you’ll be able to see that he’s a fair teacher with the selections he’s taking in vital matches similar to the Antalya fit. you’ll see that he’s a top quality instructor along with his speech at halftime and motivating us. He brought us back to the game. we’re doing well now, but we suffered accidents. i do know what we can do while the whole workforce is have compatibility and healthy.

We have quality and good football gamers

I do not believe we will be able to lose many points. Because we’ve very skilled high quality and excellent soccer players. when we are all together, we do not surrender this task simply whilst we are in complete staff. All we would like is to get this thing done.

Sometimes we watch movies prior to research meetings. From time to time, we watch videos of goals scored via our instruct within the earlier. i was a bit of stunned to peer how sturdy a soccer participant the tutor was once. My father and a few of my buddies had advised me what an excellent football participant he was once.

My circle of relatives was running too hard

We had been in a country at warfare. Then we needed to visit Luxembourg. My family worked too much. My father was running too much. My father also played football rather well. He beloved soccer. i began football with his encouragement. Smartly, i was a football participant, obviously.

My family has at all times supported me

i’ve evolved, grown and dreamed over time. When i was 13, i started getting so much of offers. I left my home at the age of THIRTEEN, however where I went, I persevered on my manner through getting the appropriate coaching with just right academics. My family has at all times supported me. It used to be a hard road that I handed. Afterwards, I had the chance to play in Lyon, Rome, Juventus and Barcelona.

I had the chance to play with the most productive soccer avid gamers in the international

My motivation has always been to play with the most productive soccer players.

“Why can not I do what others do?” I always asked myself the query and tried to do it. The Place i’m hasn’t ever been enough. It Is slightly bit about mentality. Thank God, this mentality made my dreams come true and that i had the chance to play with the best football avid gamers within the international..

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