Description of Rachid Ghezzal and Welinton Souza from Beşiktaş

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Beşiktaş made an announcement in regards to the health status of Rachid Ghezzal and Welinton Souza.

The statement from Beşiktaş is as follows;

Our Soccer Team’s 6th week in Adana Tremendous League MR imaging used to be performed at Acıbadem Altunizade Medical Institution for Rachid Ghezzal, who could not proceed the game as a result of the pain he felt within the back of his left thigh during the match he performed with Demirspor, and Welinton Souza, who felt pain in the back of the left thigh after the similar fit. as a results of their viewing; Stretching and edema were detected in the posterior thigh muscle groups (biceps femoris) of Rachid Ghezzal and Welinton Souza.

The remedy of our soccer avid gamers was once began by our medical staff.

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