Description of Atiba, Pjanic, Kenan and Montero from Beşiktaş!

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Miralem Pjanic, who couldn’t continue the game after the damage he suffered in the Altay fit in Beşiktaş, and Atiba, who felt pain in his back muscle, have been discovered to have tension and edema. In black and white, it was once introduced that Kenan Karaman also broke the second one finger of his left hand. in addition, Spanish defender Francisco Montero, who had a bad check prior to but used to be quarantined and sent to Istanbul as a result of appearing symptoms, additionally tested positive in Istanbul.

The commentary from Beşiktaş is as follows;

Miralem Pjanic, who could not proceed the game due to the pain he felt in the back of his left thigh during the away fit towards Altay within the 7th week of the Super League, was at Acıbadem Altunizade Clinic, and Atiba Hutchinson, who felt ache in the again of the fitting thigh, and Acıbadem Fulya Medical Institution. As a results of the controls, our soccer player Kenan Karaman, who was once injured, used to be discovered to have a fracture (2nd proximal phalanx) on his finger.

The treatment of our soccer players used to be started by means of our health team.

On the other hand, in spite of the bad effects in the routine Covid-19 PCR tests applied to our football crew ahead of the Altay fit, our football player Francisco Montero, who was once transferred to Istanbul underneath quarantine conditions by way of isolation through our well being group as a result of appearing symptoms in the camp, used to be treated with Covid-19 at Acıbadem Altunizade Health Center. -19 A POSITIVE result was found within the PCR take a look at. The isolation and remedy technique of Montero was once started in line with the related protocols.

Assoc. Dr. T. Kerem Ülkü

Beşiktaş JK Well Being Board Coordinator

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