Deniz Shepherd commented on Sergen Yalçın’s pink card position

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Fanatik Newspaper author and previous referee Deniz Çoban evaluated the location that Sergen Yalçın gained a pink card in the Beşiktaş – Sivasspor match on the Tremendous League’s broadcaster beIN Sports Activities screens. Emphasizing that the reason for Sergen Yalçın’s card used to be that he interfered with the ball at the enjoying field, Çoban underlined that attacking Can Bozdoğan in a position that led to the experienced technical man’s anger was a clear foul.


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Denoting that Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu’s focus dispersed all through the location, Deniz Çoban made the next review:

”After Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu went to the injured participant, Then his focus dispersed. He has a few hesitation about restarting the sport. Besiktas seems to start out first, then Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu makes a signal like a referee’s throw.”


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‘They get started the game with out errors’

”Behind this, the group, maybe Yasin Kol, perhaps the assistants, are warned that Sivasspor will start the sport and they get started the sport with out making any mistakes.”


‘To you? I’ll give an explanation for, let’s get started.’ It Is like announcing…’

‘Emotions shouldn’t interfere with this, it’s necessary to be calm, it is necessary to keep watch over frame language well. You show a crimson card… A purple card manner I sent you out of the game, get out. i do not like the body language right here. ‘Shall I inform you, let’s get started.’ like pronouncing. A situation that cannot exist for this level of refereeing.”


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