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Fanatik Newspaper writer and former referee Deniz Çoban evaluated the arguable positions in the Çaykur Rizespor-Galatasaray match on the Super League’s broadcaster beIN Sports. Emphasizing that FIFA referee Ali Palabıyık controlled a very dangerous NINETY minutes, Deniz Çoban said that Halil Dervişoğlu and Diagne fouled their fighters in the third goal scored by means of Galatasaray. The experienced football man, who opened parenthesis that Muslera and Mohamed in Galatasaray and Erik Sabo in Rizespor should obtain a red card, added that 2.5 minutes played over NINETY mins was once the suitable decision.

Deniz Çoban’ Evaluation of Çaykur Rizespor-Galatasaray fit is as follows:

‘It could be better if a penalty was given’

‘Selim movements the ball together with his right foot He does it, and he comes by means of taking severe dangers. He opened his fingers, enlarging them unnaturally. The ball then bounces off the feet of the Galatasaray player, involves his hand from a short distance, and bounces off his knee. He tries to cover his hand, squeezing the ball into his frame. i wouldn’t say anything to these who say ‘keep going’, but i believe it is very dangerous for Selim to behave, to take that possibility from the beginning, to come back this manner with open palms.

He’s back, he’s leaving. Here it’s run backwards, sideways. we’re not likely to teach this to the FIFA referee. It displays that he is now not within the sport at this minute. Not within the match!”


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‘i believe something broke Ali Palabiyik’

”I will make a choice: Ali Palabıyık directed the Trabzonspor-Galatasaray match, it was no longer very a success. Afterwards, he directed the Adana Demirspor-Besiktas fit, it was once now not a hit at all. On most sensible of that, i feel one thing took place that destroyed Ali Palabıyık. He was sooner than Halil Umut Meler in Europe, but Halil Umut Meler whistled within the Champions League, Ali Palabıyık is within the Eu League.”


‘There are 3 fouls on this place! Ali Palabiyik was once now not on the field’

”His performance is bad, morale is unhealthy, Rize was once given the match. there’s no excuse for what you did on this sport. There are THREE fouls on this place, the purpose is scored.

In a place with his again became… He doesn’t recognize anything else at such a vital second. Ali Palabiyik used to be not on the field nowadays.”


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‘I would love it better if it used to be red’


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‘No Longer a push that might lead to a penalty’

”I don’t think there’s a push in Mohamed’s position that might result in a penalty.”


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‘The Turkish refereeing used to be critically injured minute’

”There are many debatable choices made through Ali Palabıyık nowadays, however i believe this minute is the minute whilst the Turkish refereeing took a large hit.

You confirmed the yellow card. The participant doesn’t loosen up in spite of that yellow card. He Is saying one thing that goes into your mouth, he’s protesting you.”


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“Get out” to Sabo’

”it isn’t sufficient, he’s obviously hitting the ball far away and the 2 are totally in opposition to each other. He Is speaking, kicking the ball out in front of him. Sabo is going, ‘Sir, what are you doing, isn’t this a yellow card?’ says. He says ‘Get out’ to Sabo too.”


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‘He cannot display the purple card even if he sees it’

”there is no likelihood for Ali Palabiyik to say that I did not see, I did not hear, it took place as soon as you probably did no longer see it. After hitting the ball, Muslera turns and sees. despite the fact that he sees it, he can not show the purple card. there is no reason behind this. let’s accept all the choices he made lately, he was once veiled, he couldn’t see, it was once raining, he was once drained, he was in a nasty mood…

I’m sorry if a referee cannot show this red card, he must take a look at himself once more. i attempted to choose the sentences, excuse me.”


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‘I believe the yellow card sufficient’

”There are those who liken this place to yesterday’s Josef position. It never seems to be alike. Because as a result of the placement of the foot, it steps on a mendacity foot and it’s most unlikely to be injurious. I imagine the yellow card sufficient.”


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‘Mostafa Mohamed should have received a red card’

“No Doubt, Mostafa Mohamed must have received a pink card from the second yellow card and must have been expelled. An uncontrolled foul. A vintage yellow card.”


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‘Crimson card is the precise resolution’

” it’s one of the uncommon selections of Ali Palabıyık that cannot be discussed in the fit.

If the participant passes, he will score. It upsets his balance. Purple card is the correct determination.”


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‘This purpose must have been ONE HUNDRED% disallowed’

”This function will need to have been cancelled ONE HUNDRED%. My teacher Tulip asked, ‘Is there any?’ announcing. If the VAR could scent the air and practice what is going on on… Ali Palabıyık is in the unsuitable place in this position. He shows the ball within the first position, says Halil played with the ball. When does the basic idea of VAR come into play? It kicks in while one thing the referee doesn’t see. the person displays the ball, he thinks that Halil is twiddling with the ball.”


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‘They say the referee used to be malicious, it isn’t imaginable’

”1. We began from the minute. The function conceded by way of Galatasaray is a bad. If Cicaldau sees a crimson card in the transfer, Rizespor has 10 players left… Mistakes made against Galatasaray. Then Muslera isn’t thrown out, Mohamed has a 2d yolk that is not given.

They say the referee was once malicious. it is not possible, it does it each techniques. Maybe he has malicious intent: Serdar Tatlı needs him to renounce. Perhaps he did it for her. I do not recognise. (Giggling)”’


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‘2.5 minutes standard played over NINETY minutes’

‘ ‘ The Sport is stopped after EIGHT mins of extra time is given within the 90th minute. there’s an damage. Then the substitutions are made. After time beyond regulation is given at NINETY.00, the game begins at 92.01. By the way in which, 2 mins aren’t played at all. Then, whilst a bad is given in want of Rizespor underneath the keep an eye on of Rizespor, gamers from Rizespor positioned the ball in overdue whilst the corner comes out. 2.5 minutes played over 8 minutes is customary. it could also be extra. I don’t believe there is a problem with time. While I test the 8 minute episode… i will additionally say: Perhaps the game has so much extra lag than EIGHT minutes.”


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