Cüneyt Biçer: We’d Like to concede less goals

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Kaf-Kaf’ta Biçer, who came back with a 2-2 draw from the remaining Mardin 1969 Spor away, said, “We played one in every of our furthest away video games in scorching weather. We have been defeated and took the lead. We noticed the second one function in our objective proper after. he will go back.” we want to take our first win after which serialize the victories for the top ranks,” he said.

at the different hand, the experienced train mentioned that Doğukan İnci, Harun Atalay, Mustafa Çalışkan and Batuhan Kara, who weren’t taken to Mardin’s away trip and were excluded from the squad indefinitely, would be evaluated via the board of directors.


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