Criticism of the Belgian superstar goalkeeper Courtois to UEFA and FIFA

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In a statement to the press after Italy beat Belgium 2-1 in the UEFA Nations League third place fit in Milan, Italy, Courtois mentioned, “UEFA Countries League suits are all about money. we now have to be honest. We play these suits because they’re additional for UEFA. way money.” He mentioned.

Courtois stated, “There are a lot of substitutions in teams. We play so much of matches. there may be the Nations League once more in June. Why? there’s The World Cup in November subsequent year. we will be able to have accidents. No Person cares in regards to the gamers anymore. “We handiest have 2 weeks off. that is not enough to play at the best degree for twelve months. If we do not say anything, it is going to stay the similar.” referring to the attempt of 12 clubs in Europe to ascertain the european Tremendous League and the newly organized UEFA Conference League, the Belgian net keeper stated, “They oppose the Super League. “They’re thinking in regards to the cash to go in. it could be mistaken for the players to stay silent.” Continuing his criticism, Courtois stated, “Now they would like to arrange the FIFA International Cup and UEFA Ecu Championship 365 days aside. While can we relax. Never. Best gamers will undergo permanent injuries. we’re now not robots. More “More games way less rest. no person thinks folks.”


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